About Us

Our company today is to make the production of the machine roomless elevator, in every capacity, speed and functionality in the party / load / 
service / auto / patient and panoramic type of electric, hydraulic drive and with its large technical staff according to the ISO 9001:2008-CE directives it gives services on manufacturing, on-site installation and service. Our company constantly improves the quality of service every day for this 
purpose making new breakthroughs, many products are manufactured in its own factory to deliver economical solutions, quality and commitment to its customers. We always endeavor to show our difference by holding our imagination and our opportunities on the top.

Safir Elevator adopts the principle of reaching a qualified customer portfolio and customer satisfaction; with a focus on quality and customer 
confidence continues rapidly to the missions to increase the quality of production, installation and after-sales service.

Our firm continuously developing in the industry shows superior performance on each project without compromising the quality with years of 
experience. Our lifts that we produced have CE and ISO quality assurance; they are made of domestic and foreign materials according to customers' request. SAFIR ELEVATOR is a young organization that aims to provide excellent service and consisting of young employees working with a team spirit to achieve their performance targets.

Since its establishment, Safir Elevators that have Turkish and world standards quality documents, have progressed by maintaining its quality and the line, and is proud of increasing success with its projects, innovative strategy, reliability and diversity policy. Safir Elevator fulfilled all 
commitments on time and in a complete manner in every field of activity, is an organization that has always had high quality standards and kept up with the developing technology.